I can.

Yesterday I spent a solid 5 hours immersed in body positivity blogs. When I surfaced, my mind was spinning but I felt a-flipping-mazing. Like I could do or be anything I could think of.

Today I went shopping. On the way out of this one shop I saw a beautiful floral-print dress. I looked at it longingly, then thought “no, that neckline gives you man shoulders. You can’t wear that.” and walked away.

So I failed my first body-love test. But it wasn’t a complete fail, because I’ve decided to learn from it and take action. Because do you know how many times I’ve been told I can’t do something?

Women can’t do proper push-ups.

You’re too white to dance like that

Fat girls shouldn’t wear stripes

You will never get a B for this subject

That last one is actually my favourite. Because I did. What would have been just a good mark became the result I was most proud of (even more so than my two A’s) simply because I smashed a limit that somebody had tried to put on me.  I wonder what my life would be like if I broke through all the limits I’ve been given by other people, by society at large, and even by myself.

Today I decided I will find out.  I’m going to take everything I have ever been told I cannot do, and do it anyway. Then blog about it, of course.

And if anyone tries to limit me in the future I shall just tell them, “I think you’ll find I can.”


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