Just around the canal bend

Limit #3: fat people can’t ride bicycles.

I’m really not sure of the ‘logic’ behind this one. Surely we would be better cycling, as it puts less stress on our poor over-burdened joints than, say, running.  Or is it that anything more strenuous than walking from the sofa to the fridge and back is just too much for us?

Whatever, I did it anyway!

It started off a bit dull, crossing a few roads to get to the cycle path.


But then I got up by the canal and the views vastly improved!



The weird colourless sky is actually perfect weather for cycling. I didn’t have to choose between squinting into the sun and pushing my sunglasses back in place every 5 minutes. And it was just cool enough to keep me moving, without feeling like I was going to melt into a puddle of sweat on the bike seat.

The swans seemed to like it too!


I should have been following a route I’ve done before, but I decided to take a different turn and see where I ended up. Turns out it just leads to a very un-photogenic road. So no photos of that.

In the end I cycled 6 miles and had a lovely time. I really need to work on my distance though; I signed up to cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh in September. Let’s hope fat people can ride a bike. For several hours. Probably in the rain. It’ll be fun….

This is the I've-just-had-an-awesome-bike-ride hairstyle
This is the I’ve-just-had-an-awesome-bike-ride hairstyle

And yes, I did have the soundtrack to Pocahontas stuck in my head aaalll the way round!


4 thoughts on “Just around the canal bend

  1. YOU ARE NOT FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just because you are not a twig it doesn’t mean you are fat.You are normal, just right, standard, the national average, Saying you are fat is at odds with the blog you posted about loving your beautiful self. If I lost weight till I was the same size as you you would tell me I looked amazing, so that’s what I’m telling you.


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