Beware the personal space

I’m beginning to wonder whether the ones who make these limits have ever actually met a real, live person.

As research, I Googled “Introverts can’t…” and face-palmed repeatedly at the suggested endings to that sentence.

We (apparently) can’t be teachers, make friends, be leaders, or get jobs.

Yes, 25%-33% of the population are (apparently) just incapable of finding employment. Probably because we hiss at the interviewer when they try to shake our hand.

We also (apparently) don’t like facebook, talking, people, going out in public, attention, or being touched.

It’s so very wrong I could do a whole series of posts just proving what introverts can actually do. I mean really, you would have to go for Boo Radley-esque reclusiveness if all of those things were true. It’s just not practical.

But today I want to focus on one that is, for me, at least half true: introverts don’t like to be touched.

I do not like to be touched.

Right about now all my friends are probably laughing, or getting ready to call me a big snowman liar. Except the one who had to spend weeks talking me into her hen do at a spa. Because the full sentence should be ‘I do not like to be touched by strangers’.

I really don’t. I hate that we seem to have adopted this European thing of kissing cheeks when you meet someone.

If I have kissed you, you can assume that I would willingly give up my life for you if it was required. That’s how close we need to be before I’m okay with being kissed; a casual acquaintance, or even someone I’ve met for the first time, is not allowed to touch me with their mouth. And if they try, I will recoil in horror. Sorry not sorry.

‘Relaxing’ massages are anything but, unless done by someone I have known for years. I don’t even like strangers feeling up my guns, proud as I am of them. It just stresses me out.

And yet, once I get to know someone there are practically no barriers.

We loves the music
We loves the music




So if you’re really that desperate to touch me, spend some time getting to know me. Otherwise, beware the personal space. I may bite.


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