Shake it

Limits #5 AND #6

A double whammy today: dancing!

Because neither introverts nor fat people can dance. Obviously.

I reckon the theory for introverts came about from the common misconception that ‘introverted’ and ‘shy’ are interchangeable terms.

They’re not.

I didn’t used to dance. I remember being at a Bible study with my dad, and they wanted us all to join in a simple group routine that would probably have been danced at that time. I crossed my arms and said, “I. Don’t. Dance.” in my most stubborn voice. But secretly I wanted to. I was just too shy.

Being shy means letting fear of social judgement prevent you doing what you want to do. You can overcome shyness (and I have!) by pushing through the fear.

Being introverted has nothing to do with fear. It means that large groups of people I know or small groups of strangers wear me out really quickly. It means I suck at small talk but could discuss an issue I care about for hours on end. It means that no matter who I’m with, even if they’re my favourite person in the whole world, there will come a point where I have to leave them and be on my own for a while.

None of these have any effect on my ability to dance.

My shyness stopped me dancing, but my being an introvert never has and never will. It just means that once the dancing is over, I’ll have to go and be alone to recover my energy after all that interaction.

And as for ‘fat people can’t dance’…

I think you’ll find I can dance pretty darn good (thanks, Ben!).


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