This is it

Today’s thought process so far:

Tonight I’m going to have no clothes on in front of many, many strangers.

What the heck was I thinking??

It’ll be fine, you’ll be fine. Just stop thinking about it.

I can’t do this. Flips sake I’m the coldest person I know. I’ll be too shivery to make a good model.

Don’t be stupid, they’ll make sure it’s warm. Stop looking for excuses. In fact just stop thinking about it.

What was I thinking? It’s so far out of my comfort zone, I can’t even see it any more!

That’s the whole point, woman. You know outside your comfort zone is where all the fun stuff is.



But it’s scary.

So was wearing a crop top, but you managed that twice and didn’t die.



Just stop it. This is happening. You said you would do it, and you really want to be one of those people who always do what they say they will. You keep saying you’re not ashamed of your body; I can’t think of many better ways to put your money where your mouth is. Or do you only promote body love under certain, clothed circumstances?

Course not!

There we go then. Look, you can totally do this. You love your body and you know it’s worthy of drawings or paintings or whatever they’re going to make. You hear that tiny voice back there? That voice reckons you might even enjoy it.

It might be right. I have had fun with all the other things I wasn’t ‘allowed’ to do.

Exactly. You’re better at this than you realise.

Yeah. Yeah! I can do this.

Can’t I?



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