Disturbing Responses to that Fat Hate Video

Human = deserving of basic respect. End of discussion.

Dances With Fat

Stand up speak up fight backBy now you’ve probably seen or heard about that ridiculous fat shaming video by that ridiculous fat shaming bigot.  If not, consider yourself lucky.  Regardless I’m not going to talk about it that much – bigot engages in bigoted troll behavior for attention, not news. What concerns me are some of the responses that I’m seeing to it by people who, in theory, disagree with the ridiculous bigot but, in practice are (inadvertently) adding to the oppression of fat people.

From my perspective the response to this could not be more simple: Fat people deserve to be treated with basic human respect because we are human.  Weight-based bigotry and oppression are wrong because bigotry and oppression are wrong. Fat people have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which includes living in a world where we do not face harassment, bullying, stigma and oppression, and it doesn’t…

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