Running up that hill

Limit #11: fat people shouldn’t run.

Because we must do anything and everything, healthy or not, to force our bodies into that one definition of beauty society is so desperate to hold on to – except for running.

I don’t know why. I’m not in the habit of making up rules for what someone other than me can’t do based on their outward appearance. Because that’s stupid.

But a world-weary guess would be that these bullies believe fat people should be neither seen nor heard. That we are supposed to become hermits, working out to DVDs and youtube videos at home until we make it to the ‘correct’ size, and only then are we allowed to show our face in the outside world.

Nuts to that.

First and foremost, I think you’ll find I can. I’ve run 5Ks…

RFL 5k

and 10Ks…

RFL 10k

and every distance in between. Being fat never stopped me. In fact, when I started running I was bigger than I am now and that still didn’t stop me.

I did initially take up running to help me lose weight, but it’s years since that stopped being my motivation to lace up my trainers. Why would anyone do that to themselves if not to lose weight? Well:

  • Running feels like escaping, even if only for 20 minutes.
  • I get so focused on my breathing it’s like meditation.
  • It helps me process when I can’t handle all of the feels.
  • I get to explore my city.
  • It’s easy to measure and track improvements in speed or distance.
  • I surprise myself with what I can do, more than in any other area of my life (although this blog is catching up!).
  • I feel like a superhero when I’m done.
  • Runners always say hi in Glasgow – I get some human interaction when I pass a fellow runner, without having to stress about small talk.
  • Medals.
Two 5Ks and two 10Ks
I love me some bling

And if you’re wondering, that thing about your knees is really not true. Yes, I’ve had knee problems before but I sorted them with stretching and foam rolling and now they are fine.

Running is good for me mentally, physically, emotionally and probably any other -ally you can think of. But I’m not ‘allowed’ to get any of those benefits because I’m not a size 8. I just don’t see the logic there. Probably because there isn’t any.

Anyone can do any activity they enjoy, regardless of size, and it’s nobody’s job or right to tell them they can’t. Ever.

So I’ll see yous at the next Parkrun.


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