Compare and contrast

Hands up who’s seen something like this on social media:


The text reads “Malala Yousafzai & Kylie Jenner. Both turned 18 recently. One was given a Ferrari and spent thousands on facial modification. The other was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, survived a gun shot to the face by the Taliban due to corruption in her country, and opened a school for Syrian refugees to combat the lack of education for youth around the world.”

So many problems with this. Let’s go with holding up two people we know very little about to be judged on their worthiness. Because that’s what it’s saying: “Look at how amazing this one woman is, and what exactly is the other one for?”

Comparison is not fair in any case, but comparing Kylie to Malala is just mean.  I’ve had nearly a decade longer on the planet and I’ve not managed even a fraction of that impressive list of achievements. Pretty much everybody fails when compared to Malala Yousafzai.

Luckily for me, this is not high school; there are no grades for writing compare and contrast essays. There is no list of worthiness that ranks people according to what they have contributed to humanity.

Yes, the world would be better if everyone was so willing to help the helpless, but it’s not a requirement for being considered worthy as a person. I will never win a Nobel Peace Prize, but I am still enough.

You might not like Kylie Jenner’s actions or choices (because of course we judge her instead of questioning a society which places so much value on outward appearance that an 18-year-old would pay to change her face) but she is a human being, and therefore worthy of respect. She is enough.

I love Malala’s work because it’s spreading this idea that everyone is equally worthy. Everyone deserves the chance to be educated because they are all enough. And guess what? Even before all these wonderful things, she was also enough.

Everyone is amazing. Yes, everyone. It’s beyond time to realise that, to stop dragging certain people down in order to make others seem higher, and just appreciate every person for who they are.

Can we just stop with the comparisons already?


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