P&P Smile


Right now I’m smiling because I’m watching the BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and just got to one of my favourite scenes.

No, not the lake scene (although that is on my list). It’s the first proposal scene.

I don’t care how incredibly wrong he got it; if someone said to me, “you must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you”, I would be swooning all over the place. Especially if Colin Firth said it.


Dragon smile


Today I’m smiling because I met up with my cousin, who I don’t get to see often enough, and she had bought me a present.

Isn’t he cute!

Dragon plushie

Published smile


Today I’m smiling because I am a real live published author!

This is an anthology of stories about finding love after hardship and tragedy. So you’re guaranteed a happily ever after of some form or other with every single story, even mine.

This is my so-excited-I-might-burst smile

It’s got my name on the front and everything.

‘Where can I buy this magnificent specimen?’ I hear you ask.

Well the answer is I’m not for sale, but you can buy a copy of the book from any of the following links (all proceeds go to RAINN, so you get the added bonus of helping some people in need):

Read smile


Today I’m smiling because someone in Australia went back and read 50 of my blog posts one after the other.

I love that I can reach people on the other side of the world, and I love it when people are interested enough to read more than one post. It suggests I’m doing something at least partly right.

So thank you, person in Australia, for making me smile today.

New detail smile


I can’t count how many times I’ve been into Glasgow Uni Chapel since moving up here. Let’s say ‘many’. I love it for several reasons, but the main reason is the detail in the decoration.

Almost nothing matches; I could spend a whole day in there just looking at the different carvings and images and patterns.

Today I’m smiling because I went to hear Chapel Choir performing, and noticed two massive stone angels either side of an arch that I must have scanned over hundreds of times. They are huge and I have never ever noticed them before. So much for being observant!

Chosen smile


My work laptop keeps locking me out and for IT to fix it, it must be plugged in to the Babcock network (not the Alliance network that this office uses).

The nearest Babcock office is away on the outskirts of Glasgow, and I have a report due last Friday that’s still not finished. I don’t particularly have time for this.

BUT I’m smiling because I choose to see this as an excuse to get out of my chair and into the rare Scottish sunshine. If the wifi works I can keep going with the report on the way, and if not I shall just enjoy the views.  The office isn’t hours away, it’s not raining/snowing/hailing outside, and it should get all the wee problems with my laptop sorted out. Things could be so much worse 🙂

Maths smile


I have come to the part of my OU course that was somewhat worrying me – maths.

Its now almost 12 years since I last studied maths so I was afraid my brain would no longer be able to cope with it.

I am smiling because I didn’t need to worry at all; I whizzed through the easy questions at the beginning and worked through the tougher ones. And I only got one question wrong!


Handy smile


For some reason I see myself as not a practical person, not really able to create things with my own hands.

It’s silly really, considering the fact that most of the furniture in my room came flat-packed and I assembled it myself, and that a lot of my hobbies involve making things.

So today I’m smiling because I managed to make a thing pretty much all by myself, as the instructions were rubbish. It’s only wee, but I’m ridiculously proud of it.


Isn’t it cute!


I can totally make stuff.