Belonging smile


I’m smiling because I’m in Glasgow, and right now that’s exactly where I’m meant to be.

This is my home, where I belong, as I have never belonged anywhere else. Where I discovered who I really am and became my full self.

I love this city. Really, honestly, truly love it.


My bus pulled in not long ago to this infamous old town

A foreigner when I arrived, but a mutual love has grown

The beggars and the buskers beat. I weave along Sauchiehall Street

A warm smile on a stranger’s face makes me welcome in this place

Oh, I belong to Glasgow And she belongs to me

I wasn’t born and bred here, but we were meant to be

Sandstone mixes up with green amid steel and smoky hues

I squint the sun out of my eyes, watch the river run right through

A melting pot, a meeting point. Giving hope to those with none

Sharing a home with everyone

A foreign native I’ve become


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