Happy Christmas



I’ll be back next year with more posts. Until then I hope you’re all having a happy Christmas, and that the new year is better for everyone. Here’s to 2017!


New year. Same me. Still awesome.

happy new year
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Welcome to 2016!

I hope everyone had a good night (apparently greasy food is the answer to a hangover. You’re welcome.) and you’re all ready for a brand new year.

I’m not going to do a big review of 2015, mostly because I can’t remember a lot of it. I’m just going to say it was a good year; I jumped straight into body positivity, learned a lot, and changed a lot. I’m super proud of the person I am today.

So, on to 2016.

For (I think) only the second year running I am not resolving to starve my body into eating itself smaller. A moment of silence for every younger me who believed she had to do that.

Instead my resolutions are all about adding to myself. Because no matter how amazing I am, there are always chances to be better.

  1. Start learning again – I’ve signed up for an OU course in a completely different area to my degrees, because my curiosity is never sated.
  2. Grow even more confidence – doing more things I thought I couldn’t, more positive self-talk, more challenges overcome. It’s gonna be so much fun!
  3. Share more love – this could be commenting on blogs, giving compliments, buying gifts, hugs, or anything else that can brighten someone else’s day. The more love you give out the more you get back, so this one’s win-win!

They’re pretty simple, but I know even simple things can lead to huge changes.

Time to get going on the best year yet!