I’m sick of being a woman in this stupid patriarchical sexist mysoginist rape culture society where it’s impossible for me to just sit on a bench and eat my lunch without some bloody creep thinking he’s entitled to my body.

I sat on one end of a bench and there was a guy on the other end, then Mr Creep sits in the middle except so incredibly not in the middle. No, he’s perfectly entitled to my personal space and plonks himself down, crushing my lunch bag against me and sitting with his hand on his knee so it’s about 1cm from my thigh, even though there’s a bunch of space on his other side.

He clearly thought I was blind as well as public property, and wouldn’t notice his hand inching over and sitting at a really unnatural angle that just happened to bring it closer to my skin. I moved out of his way again and again, thinking that’ll show him.

Then realised I’d spent my entire lunch break squashed into the corner of a bench, panicking about whether a randomer would actually touch me or not.

So now I’m angry at this patriarchical sexist mysoginist rape culture society, but also myself because WHY DID I LET HIM DO THAT? Why did I not just move to a creep-free bench? Or better yet, tell him to go jump in the Clyde with a concrete lifejacket?  WHY??

I am entirely done with today.


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  1. I’m sorry you were subjected to this abuse. I hope next time you do feel more empowered to tell guys like this where to go in a loud voice.


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